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Every production process is different! And so is its optimization. That’s why we offer a process optimization tailored to your specific production and business goals through AI-supported Big Data Analytics.

Advanced Big Data Analytics
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Reliability and technical compliance

A lack of prerequisites or an unsystematic approach often causes Big Data and AI-based projects to fail.

The VDI/VDE 3714 Standard provides a remedy. It ensures a systematic, transparent and structured project process with a high probability of success. The ROIC of our projects is on average four to six months.

In addition, our partner TÜV SÜD Chemical Service offers certification of your Operational Excellence 4.0 (OPEX 4.0) projects in accordance with the VDI/VDE 3714 Standard.

With us, your Big Data Analytics projects are always legally compliant and successful.

VDI/VDE 3714

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